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Houghton 96" Black with Red Stripe   No Cushion  - chrome wheels $700.00

Jerald  96" Black with Red Stripe - Moreland Dash   - chrome whees$1000.00

Houghton  96"  Black with Red Stripe - no cushion  - chrome wheels $700 make a nice work cart

Jerald  96"  Black with Red Stripe  Chrome on spring and axle braces  - chrome wheels  $1500.00

Houghton  96"  Natural Wood with Red Stripe  Chrome wheels  $1700.00

Jerald  96"  Black with Silver Stripe easy side entry --chrome wheels  $2100.00

Houghton  96"  Natural with Maroon Stripe- 30" wood wheels  -  $2000.00

Houghton  Education Cart  96"   Black with Red Stripe- 42" wood wheels  $2500.00nut with Black 

Jerald  96"  Walnut with Black Stripe  Wood Wheels   GREAT SHAPE  $3000.00

Jerald  96" Walnut with Black Stripe  Wood Wheels  $2800.00

Jerald  96" Black with Silver Stripe  Chrome Wheels  Nice Cart  $1800.00

Jerald  96" Black with Red Stripe Easy Entry ( side entry ) with covers  Great shape  $2800.00

                                        Pony Pleasure

SOLD   Jerald   Pony Pleasure Cart- Walnut with Black - wood wheels - brass trim - covers $3000.00

Jerald   Pony Pleasure Cart - Natural with Red Stripe - 26" wood wheels  $2200.00

Fine Harness Buggy

   Jerald  Dark Blue with Red Stripe   $2800

   Houghton  Black with Gold Stripe  with covers  No cushion or carpet  $3000.00

   Houghton  Black with Red Stripe  $1500.00

   Houghton  Black with Natural wood trim   wheels rusty   $1500.00

   Jerald   Black with Red Stripe  springs rusty  $1500.00

   Jerald  Black with Red Stripe   GREAT SHAPE  $4000.00 with covers

   Jerald  Black with Red Stripe  with covers  $3500.00  Very good shape


Pony Viceroys

Houghton  Black with Red Stripe   no carpet or cushion  $2800.00

Houghton  Dark Blue with Light blue stripe   no carpet or cushion  needs wheels   wheels rusty  $1500.00

Horse and Pony Work Carts

Natural with Black Stripe  Horse size  refinished  $1500.00 

Black with Red Stripe  Horse Size   refinished      $1500.00

Black with Red Stripe   Pony Size  refinished        $1500.00

Black withh Red Stripe  Pony Size  refinished       $1500.00

     Can put chrome wheels on these carts       Add $350.00

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